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Air pond 1

our entire facility, 51+ acres...

air pond 2

a 5 acre play pen for the elephants

For their own safety, health and well being, our elephants are all slept in secured heated barns at night with an individual stall for each. Television is provided for mental stimulation (until bedtime of course) and security cameras are running 24/7 which can be seen by ranch resident caretakers throughout the night from their home. We are extremely proud of our facility and more so of the fact that we built it all on donations and were able to afford state of the art equipment by doing the physical labor ourselves.

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buf&barn sml
Trk&Trlr sml

a custom built aluminum trailer coach and hauler is available should the need arrise to transport the elephants anywhere for any reason. This acquisition was a very special day for EARS.

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pond finished

Weve made some HUGE changes to the property, we invite you to visit www.montereyzoo.org to see some of those changes...

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