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The Vision Quest Ranch is a 51 acre ranch located off the Monterey- Salinas Highway in Monterey Co., California. Owned and operated by EARS Director, Charlie Sammut, it is home to 100+ wild/exotic & domestic birds and animals. Vision Quest Ranch is licensed by the County of Monterey, the California Dept. of Fish and Game, the US Dept. of Agriculture, the US Dept. of Interior, and the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture .

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We Love our Home and take great pride in sharing it with others!  Please stop by and see us!

There are daily(1pm) public tours that include a stop at the Elephant enclosure every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas!  If you'd like a private tour, reservations can be made by calling 831-455-1901 x 3. Or compliment your private tour by adding a Pachyderm Package to the program. This tour combines the private tour with an additional hands on / full contact experience with our African Elephants. A 2 hr. experience helping us bathe, walk, and socialize our pachyderm friends. You can also help us put the elephants to bed at night. for information on all of these opportunities, visit www.montereyzoo.org.


Due to unfortunate changes in California law pertaining to elephant management, our elephant contact has had to be revisited and restricted but in doing so, we take great pride in having constructed an all new exhibit and home for our elephants that we feel rivals the best in the country. All wood and hot-line has been replaced with steel pipe corral and and gate systems to afford our elephants a much more comfortable and safe environment. Special THANKS to all who came to help us in our time of need to make this tremendous project possible. 


- The following people made this home possible for our elephants and the community that visit them:. 

- Valley Fabrication

- Tony Sammut Development

- San Benito Supply

- STAR Sanitation

- Don Chapin Co.

- Sanger Fence

- A&G Machine


- Mikes Custom Awnings

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