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Remembering Lisa

On February 19th 2007, a group of friends and relatives gathered to celebrate Lisa’s friendship and contribution to our community. It was a sad day for some and a special day for all when a special introduction was made to commemorate Lisa’s legacy. We promised Lisa that our work would continue and other elephants would benefit from EARS. Our promise came to fruition on this day.

PICT1230 sml

Our service started with a special prayer from EARS donors and supporters, Fr. Jerry and Sister Theresa.

Lisa’s memorial was accompanied by another for Akili, the elephant that inspired EARS in 1998.

Lisa’s and Akili’s memorials were built and donated by Paul T. Beck Contractors.

PICT1243 sml
PICT1287 sml
PICT1286 sml
PICT1202 sml
PICT1208 sml

The brick path to both memorials is a way for people to help carry on Lisa’s legacy. This is our plan and our hope to pay off the purchase cost of Paula and Kristi (see below). Click here for more information on our brick  program.

PICT1211 sml
PICT1233 sml

There was an abundance of memorabilia present to remember what a full and wonderful life Lisa had.

PICT1288 sml
PICT1263 sml

The best part of the day was the introduction of Paula and Kristi, our new residence of EARS and a promise kept to our beloved Lisa. Click here for more information on Paula and Kristi.

The following are photos of our beloved little Lisa prior to her passing away on December 24th, 2006. They are some of a collection we cherish that help us remember Lisa as we need to remember her and remind us of all the people she touched in her very special way.  

Lisa baby 2
Lisa baby 3

Lisa, long before her arrival to EARS and shortly after her arrival from Africa.

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Lisa’s favorite place in the world, in her playpen with her friends, Butch and Buffy.

Lisa (left) playing in the pool with Butch.

3elephs sml02 Buf&Lis102
PC040029 sml
3eleph 202

Left to right as we will always remember the, Lisa, Buffy and Butch - and when we stand Butch and Buffy side by side today, we believe that Lisa is still standing there beside them and always will be.

Lisa made many friends and fans along the way - some more recognizable than others but all nevertheless, friends.

Charlie Knowles 014 sml

Above - Lisa (left)  with Butch and Buffy visiting with actress Isabella Roselinia and WCN Founder, Charlie Knowles.

Rt - Lisa and Charllie share a moment with National Geographic’s Discovery Channel host, Boyd Matson. 

boyd matson02
Lisa & Koffman sml02
Farr 007 sml

Left - Lisa loved to paint and often shared the canvas with artists like Dan Koffman who teamed up with Lisa to campaign his Flag of Peace program. This was truly one of Lisa’s most inspirational projects.

Above - Lisa poses with Dan, Charlie and Congressman Sam Farr who together with Lisa’s favorite fans, the kids from camp that day, were there to discuss the future of fair and sensible elephant legislation.

John Madden along with the Madden family and Licorice Tree Productions have always supported the efforts of EARS and been very close friends to Lisa. Lisa was welcomed into their studio on many occasions.


Lisa with Charlie, John Madden and Charlie’s son, Justin Sammut

Clint Eastwwod 041sm02

A very special friend to EARS, Clint Eastwood stopped by one day to visit with Lisa and help us with our 2004 fundraiser.

Lisa with Charlie, Clint Eastwood and Heather

Lupetti 011 sml

All have painted and sculpted artwork portraying Lisa that will forever be treasured by those who knew her and loved her so much.

Many world renown artists have become instrumental to the success of EARS and none do so without becoming personal friends to Lisa.

Left: Charlie,  Heather and Lisa with two of Lisa’s best human friends ever, Lynn Lupetti and Ed Lohmann. Lynn and Ed brought several other special friends into Lisa’s life to include:

Rt - Lisa with Charlie and J.P. Pippett

Left - Lisa with Andre Balyon

Joe Pippett w Lisa, me, and bronze 006
André & Lisa03
IMG_1325 sml library invite grey scale 2 sml

Lisa’s best friends of all were the kids. She was most comfortable working with kids and never once gave us reason to doubt the safety of doing so. This was no doubt because she was in fact a kid herself.

PICT0275 sml

Rt - one of over thirty camps that Lisa participated in teaching the kids about elephants. 

PICT0213 sml

Left - Lisa received a visit from Assemblyman Simon Salinas to further assist in achieving fair responsible elephant legislation.

Rt - A special moment when Bishop Ryan met Lisa for the first time.

Wild About Saving Salinas Library Event 061 sml

Lisa participated in many fundraisers at EARS, many to benefit other worthwhile organizations that didn’t even  pertain to elephants...

Wild About Saving Salinas Library Event 004 sml02

Top left - She carried Mayor (now Assemblyperson Anna Cabaerllo into the tent to raise the money it took to successfully prevent the Salinas Libraries from closing. Top right - Another honor that evening was making friends with Monterey’s Bishop Ryan. Below left - Lisa carried Harry Wardwell, president of the Salinas International Airshow into their fundraiser which helps support local charities throughout Monterey county. Below right - Lisa carries Brother Dunn into the Palma/Notre Dame High School Fundraiser to help break the record for the success of that annual event.

Airshow Event Site 057 sml
Br. Dunn & Lisa
Airshow Friends photos 004 sml

To those who know them, Charlie Sammut and Heather Greaux with Lisa. To Lisa, its a photo with Mom and Dad.


Clowning around with loved ones and painting were two of Lisa’s favorite past times...


Lisa’s paintings have raised countless dollars for many worthwhile charities.

Lisa Pose sml

Lisa’s  forever smile we will always remember.

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