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Lisa Bronze with edges sml

... Their future is in our hands...

Now available:

A very special work of art donated by artist/sculpturer, J.A.Pippett. The piece is called EARS and was sculpted by the artist as a donation to the Elephants of Africa Rescue Society in time for the 2004 fundraising event.

The piece accounted for up to $6000.00 in donations at our 2004 fundraiser and we could not be more greatfull to have a man like J.A.Pippett on our side. Another reason this piece is so important to us is that it depicts the logo of our elephant sanctuary and our very own little elephant modeled for the piece. The logo says “their fate is in our hands”


2005 brought yet another tremendous donation from J.A.Pippett, Part II of the EARS collection but this time, with “Josef” in the caring hand of man. Josef is probably the most famous and loved animal at the Wild Things compound located on the Vision Quest Ranch with the EARS’ elephants. For more information on Josef, please visit      www.wildthinginc.com .

E.A.R.S. 2-2 Josef w-edges sml JPG02

EARS director Charlie Sammut (sitting) and Lisa receive bronze from artist, J.A. Pippett

Josef & Joe Pippett sml
E.A.R.S. 3 Brandi JPG final w-edges sml03

“Josef” the lion models for sculptor J.A. Pippett to create the above clay.

 And just when you thought the generosity couldn’t get any better, Joe stepped up to the plate in 2006 with EARS III, depicting our very own little bear, Brandi, in the hand of fate.

J.A.Pippett & Brandi 1 sml JPG

 There will only be 20 editions of each piece available and 1 thru 3 of each are already sold. Cost today For the Lisa or Brandi piece is $2800.00. All proceeds go 100% to the EARS organization. Call for a quote on the Josef piece. For more information, contact Charlie at (831)455-3180

EARS Buckles sml

Rt: J.A. Pippett with “Brandi Bear” discuss the finer things in life... like good art. 

Once again, our friend ~ donor and animal enthusiast, scupture Joseph Pippett has graced us with a very special gift in creating these stunning belt buckles depicting our very own Elephants of Africa Rescue Society (EARS) logo. For those who follow Joe's FB (and those who should friend him today), you know that Joe now has a gorgeous new line of designer fashion buckles and we could not be more proud to be a part of his endeavors.

These EARS buckles are cast sold brass with a choice of Silver or Bronze patina. Diameter is: 2-3/8" with EARS engraved on the back along with the artist's signature. Cost is $325. We're hoping this is a must have for many of our Wild Things, EARS, elephant or animal enthusiast fans since Joe is donating any profits from this project to the elephants of EARS.

André & Lisa02

Above: Andre Balyon atop Buffy

When Andre offered to visit one day to study and paint the elephants of EARS, the directors were both honored and excited. When they were invited to home to see the finished piece at his home, it was truly emotional. It was our very own Butch front and center with Lisa and Buffy grazing near by. He even included Butch’s pet ostrich in the painting. It was perfect!!!

André’s generosity is a blessing to EARS. The original is for sale in his gallery and he has offered a great portion of the proceeds from the sale of that piece to EARS.

Mr. Andre Balyon

Introducing the artwork of Mr. André Balyon, a personal friend and generous donor to EARS. A Ducth artist with a gallery in Carmel California, Andre is a world renown for his portrait and landscape art. Check out his work at www.andrebalyon.net .  

Andre Balyon Out of Africa  framed 36x48 in

Giclee prints are available now: $900 unframed and $1500 framed (professionally). The original to this piece is also available for $38,000. It is on display at the Vision Quest Ranch for serious inquirers. For more information contact Charlie at (831)455-3180. Special thanks to Andre Balyon for all you do for elephants and for being our friend.

Lynn Lupetti

Lisa Lupetti Original sml

From one of our dearest and most treasured friend and supporter, world renown artist, Lynn Lupetti, has donated this special limited edition of our very own beloved Lisa.

This giclee is available only through EARS. Currently, the cost of this piece is $1500.00 but it will increase as few become available.

We hope all who purchase this painting will understand and feel the same magic we feel when we see it.

Special thanks to Lynn and her husband Ed for making this possible.

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